I love building side projects that solve either my own or someone else's problems. Here is an extensive list of all the stuff I have built over the years.

As a student, I might not have the time for full-time projects, but who knows ๐Ÿคญ?
Always happy to discuss an idea โ€” hit me a up at@arnvgh.

A list of my projects.
wwwThe website you are on right now.2023
linksAn elegant links manager allowing users to manage links, share them, and connect with LastFM to display real-time song plays. Includes a dashboard and analytics.2023
license generatorCLI Tool written in Golang to create licenses from terminal.2022
dotsMy Arch DWM build (prev Hyprland)2022
animedoroA beautiful looking pomodoro timer app.2022
cvA self hosted solution, with dashboard and analytics. (WIP)2023
sticker-shinobiA sticker selling ecommerce platform.2023
An AI Anime vTuber (whom you can talk to)AI VTuber who can talk, transcibe reply and do face movements based on users input (voice).2023
react-speech-to-textReact speech to text example app.2023
physicswallah-desktopAn efficient, and lightweight desktop app implementation of the PhysicsWallah website with rust (tauri) and typecript.2022
Doubt Solvnig App at PhysicsWallah Inc.Built with React Native and integrated with the OpenAI API, this app allows educators to solve doubts posted by students via text, audio, or image. It also features AI-generated responses, with the option for editing and updating. The doubts are submitted by students through the PW website and app.2023
Better PWA lightweight unoffical client of the PhysicsWallah Website (popular eductional platform in India)2021
Pizza BuzzA restaurant reservations site.2020
rhytmisA simple yet powerful Music Bot (Used by server with 70k+ members) around the discord and lavalink wrapper to play, listen, search songs from YouTube directly in Discord Voice Channels.2020
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